Maritime Professional Institute of Panama

Thank you for your interest in Maritime Professional Institute of Panama and services. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We are located in Panama City, Republic of Panama, and fifteen minutes from Tocumen International Airport. Maritime Professional Institute of Panama, is the most complete private maritime service institute in the country and has trained sailors since 2009.

Maritime Professional Institute of Panama, is a private institution in Panama City, Republic of Panama. founded in 2009 by the officer engineer Luis Arjona, is committed to providing maritime training of the highest quality for seafarers, in search of licenses, certificates and documents in accordance with the provisions of the international convention on standards of training, certification and surveillance of seafarers (amended STCW 1978), and the legislation of the administration of the Panama Maritime Authority.

Our experience as a training organization allows us to work closely with the maritime industry in compliance with the requirements of the amended STCW 1978, and the provisions of international and national legislations.

Our intensive maritime training courses include training on board and in our facilities, and the courses are taught by officers with maritime experience and firefighters, first hand, giving our students access to instructors with real-life experience in situations in those that are trained.

The Maritime Professional Institute of Panama courses share a uniform structure based on the specifications of the OMI model course.

All Maritime Professional Institute of Panama courses combine a variety of training methods and means, such as lectures, case study analysis, video / computer discussion and presentations, small self-development groups, optical presentations and hands-on instruction simulation.

The accreditations and approvals of Maritime Professional Institute of Panama, include the certification by APPLUS of our system of Management ISO 9001: 2015 (Certificate ECMX-1279/18), Permanent Resolution of the Maritime Authority of Panama (DGGM-CFM-017-2018 ) and the Permanent Resolution of the Merchant Marine Authority of Honduras (DGMM / 104/2018).

Maritime Professional Institute of Panama offers our clients an unparalleled level of customization for the services offered in our training courses, which allows us to better align with the specific situations, policies and procedures used on board their boats.

Maritime Professional Institute of Panama also offers the services of maritime trainings and consultancies to develop Human Capital, contribute to its professional growth and continuously improve its labor competencies, as a fundamental element in the management of maritime industry organizations, in line with the advances of the sector and national and international agreements.

Throughout the years, Maritime Professional Institute of Panama has had the privilege of training thousands of sailors, maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our courses and training services.

Maritime Professional Institute of Panama strives to offer attentive, professional and quality service to all seafarers (seafarers).


“To be an academic reference of formation, development of an excellent human potential and educational innovation”


“Through high standards of training, offer qualified professionals to the national and international maritime community; promoting competitiveness and development in line with the progress of the sector and national and international agreements”


Maritime Professional Institute of Panama is committed to providing Educational and Training opportunities, services that meet or exceed the needs of learners, maritime/business and our community by:

 committing to offer training services, structured quality programs that satisfy the requirements outlined in ISO 9001: 2015 & STCW 1978 as amended. based on international norms and standards, that ensure the quality of the training processes;

 committing to provide development tools to national and foreign human resources, according to the needs of the national and international maritime market, technological advances and maritime regulations;

 ensuring that programs and services satisfy the requirements of appropriate registration, accreditation and certification agencies.


 ensuring that services are provided by academically qualified and technically competent members of staff who continuously seek to achieve levels of performance which will enhance the reputation of the training center, to continually improve of our quality management system.


  1. Provide maritime training services based on international standards and agreements, committed to educational excellence, we provide state-of-the-art equipment and instructors with excellent experience in the maritime field.
  2. Develop human resources through the implementation of their knowledge in the national and international industry, based on the demonstration of skills, abilities and skills of our participants. Our teaching system has been designed thinking about the optimization of time, and the use of the resource. With training modalities in our training center as on-board evaluations.
  3. Ensure the satisfaction of customers. Our greatest pride is the hundreds of crew, embarked worldwide. Which are our letter of introduction, we strive to offer training with international quality, keeping us at the forefront in the development of training courses and updates according to the requirements of the International Maritime Organization.
  4. Develop the annual programming of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System. Our Quality Management system is our main pillar, guaranteeing that our processes comply with international standards. We are in the ability to provide confidence and professionalism in the responsibility of training and awareness of the human resource that is part of professionals who perform their functions worldwide.


Commitment to this policy is demonstrated by the implementation of a Quality Management System which satisfies the requirements of ISO 90001:2015 standards & STCW 1978 convention as amended.

Words from the General Management

Dear clients, our letter of presentation is made up of the thousands of sailors that over the years we have had the privilege of training, creating a relationship that has lasted with the passing of the years, and your choice when renewing your certificates by giving us the confidence that we are making significant changes in their integral thinking.

We believe in the development of human capital, we innovate with modern teaching systems, adhering to the provisions of national and international laws and regulations.

We are at the forefront and we adapt to the requirements of the organizations for which we owe, we understand the need presented in the shipping industry at the international level, the scarcity of trained resources and the availability to impart such training.

We are committed to our role as trainers and facilitators of knowledge, for this reason, we have flexible hours including weekends, to optimize the most valuable resource on time.

Maritime Professional Institute of Panama, is not a training center anymore, we believe in the training of seafarers, educating them with discipline and honor.

Our Quality Management system based on the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard, the recognition by the Maritime Authorities of Panama and Honduras, is our backing as one of the most recognized training centers in the region.

I appreciate the opportunity it gives us to be your training center based on competence, in accordance with the regulations established by the amended STCW 1978.